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Reflections of My First Burning Man

September 14, 2015 8:45:32 PM MDT

Like many Burners, I spent the day cleaning up my camping gear. It was an unusually cloudy and balmy day today in Northern California with a light and pleasant breeze. I turned on some music, pulled out the water hose, filled a spray bottle with vinegar water, and gathered some old towels to begin the task of wiping away the last of the playa dust from my gear.


I hung my tent, the fly and ground cover up around my deck and yard so I could spray them to get all the dust off. As the breeze blew and the fabric rustled my mind went back to all the thousands of tents at Burning Man. While surrounded by the hanging fabrics, I reminisced on living for the week among so many beautiful people all living the principles of Burning Man. Once again the playa dust was all over my clothes and hands, drying them and pealing the skin. I turned up the music and imagined the sounds of the playa, remembering that while I slept at Burning Man I never stopped listening. This is what I now call “Sound Sleep” because at Burning Man one hears the sounds even while sleeping.


People say Burning Man is life changing. I always thought that was an exaggeration. But as I reflect on my time there and on my wonderful camp Retrofrolic, I have to agree. The campers at Retrofrolic were giving and generous, patient, kind, diverse and unconditional. I marvel at the organization, dedication, sustainable practices, shared food and water, shared space and shade, radical re-cycling, the evaporation pond, and the burn barrel. I find myself more conscious in my life back at home. And I have had more dreams this week than I can remember in the past year. A window to my subconscious has been opened.


So as I washed the playa off my camping gear, my senses were awakened to my experience at Burning Man. And when I found that I was not able to get all the white dust remnants off my tent I knew that I really didn’t want to get it all off. I will enjoy the memory of Burning Man and the Playa next time I pull out my tent and see and smell and perhaps even feel a little dry dust on my fingertips. Wherever I am I will have a bit of the playa with me and I hope it will again pull me back to the peace, wonder and love that we all shared at Burning Man this year.


Burning Man 2015

Posted in Street Talk By Joulie Casey

Finding the Perfect Harness Compatible Dildo

June 27, 2015 10:27:30 AM MDT



Listen to the audio recording of this article


Strap on harness play is a great way to add hours of arousal and orgasm to your sex play. Strap ons are widely used for vaginal and anal play, BDSM, role-play, for prolonging sex and to enhance the penis. They look sexy and powerful and they provide an erection in all shapes and sizes that will last as long as you want it to.  There are two things you need for a great strap on experience; a harness and a dildo. This article is about the dildo and choosing the ideal dildo for strap on harness play.

Basic Starter Harness and Dildo

Strap On Basics– Using your Dildo with a Harness

Harness compatibility is the most important feature to look for when purchasing a dildo for your strap on. Harness compatible dildos have a wide base to hold the dildo to the harness hardware, called an O-ring. Most brands of harnesses and dildos are interchangeable, so if you purchase a dildo with a harness compatible base you can use it with almost any harness. Many suction cup dildos are also harness compatible. Suction cup dildos have a suction cup base that enables you to attach the dildo to solid surfaces like your wall. The same base can be attached to a harness. For those who want the full package, some suction cup dildos are designed with anatomical balls at the base of the dildo.

There are 2 ways the base of the dildo is attached to the harness. 1) Squeeze the pliable, wide dildo base into the O-ring or 2) Use a harness that has a feature like snaps to detach the O-ring from the harness face, and then slip the long end of the dildo through from the back. Many harnesses have a pocket behind the harness face to slip the dildo through as well. I recommend you practice attaching your dildos to the harness a few times before you want to use it.


Dildo Specifics  - Size, Feel and Function

The next three things to consider are all about the pleasure you want to deliver.  It is fantasy time and your strap on will give you the exact penis you want. You choose size, feel and function, all as you desire.


You can readily find strap on dildos from 4.5” – 12” inches in length and 1.25” – 2.5” inches in diameter.  And yes, a larger size is certainly available. In some cases the size of the dildo will compliment the function. For example a dildo designed for prostate or G-spot stimulation will be sized and shaped specifically to reach those spots. Other than that, the dildo size, width and length are your choice. It is your dildo-dream-come-true.

Strap On Dildos


The dildo feel is all about the material it is made from. There are about 10 categories of material used in dildos but I am only going to focus on 3 of them: Silicone, glass and thermoplastic rubber. These three are the most widely available and body safe options.   

Tantus Crush Silicone Dildos


Silicone is a great material for dildos. It feels soft and smooth on the skin. It can be molded with ridges and ribbing and comes in skin tones as well as fun colors. Something to consider is that pure, medical grade silicone is usually more expensive and doesn’t give you the realistic feel that rubber or brands like Cyberskin do. But the trade off may be worth it. Silicone is easy to clean and is very durable. It can be boiled or put in your dishwasher for sterilization, which is critical for cleanliness, especially if you are sharing toys. When cared for, silicone toys last many years. And because silicone is not porous, there is less opportunity for bacteria to remain on the dildo after cleaning. You will need water-based lubricants for your silicone dildo; silicone or hybrid lubricants can break down the surface of the dildo. 


Ceramic Dildo


Glass is a great material for dildos. It is smooth, hard, and beautiful. Custom glass dildos are hand blown each with a unique shape and color. Glass can be molded and shaped with smooth ridges and curves to hit the g-spot and massage the vagina or prostate. Glass is nonporous, hypoallergenic, body-safe and easy to clean. It is also moderately heavy which can enhance arousal. For increased sensation your glass dildos can be heated or cooled just by running water on it. Some ceramic dildos have a hollow reservoir so you can put water into it, adding hot or cold sensation and weight.  I won’t be covering stainless steel and stone dildos, but they have many of the same advantages as glass. Harness compatibility is harder to find in these materials. If you do purchase one it will be worth the weight – literally - because they are very heavy. As for lubricant for your glass dildo, you can use any type you want. And glass is easily sterilized in a dishwasher. 


Vac-U-Lock Dildo

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR, TPE) 

Thermoplastic rubber is a great material if you want a dildo that is more porous than silicone and still body safe. Some people like more porous materials because it feels more like skin. TPE or TPR is often listed as the material for Thermoplastics though TPE is most prevalent. There are materials that are more realistic than TPE like rubber or Cyberskin, but they are less body safe, can be more expensive, and require the most diligent of cleaning and care. TPE on the other hand is nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and like Cyberskin it is phthalate free. TPE is high quality, strong, tear-resistant and will last a long time.  If your dildo is listed as phthalate free PVC it is likely TPE. I recommend you always use a condom with your TPE dildo because, like rubber and Cyberskin, TPE cannot be sterilized using high heat. Be sure to use only water-based lubricants with Thermoplastic rubber toys.



Function is about the primary purpose for using a strap on and is really very straightforward. I already mentioned that function for g-spot and prostate stimulation may dictate the size of your dildo - so it hits those spots. Besides that all you really need to decide is whether you want a solid or hollow dildo. Hollow dildos allow some added function like vibration or extension. Solid dildos are about firmness, durability and flexibility. Solid dildos enhance the positive features of the dido material and its weight. Solid dildos offer a variety of firmness from rock hard to skin soft solid. Some are even bendable to complement your personal anatomy.

Hollow Extender Dildo

Hollow Dildos

A hollow dildo allows you to put something inside it like a vibrator or a penis. If you want vibration, a multi function bullet vibrator can be added to your hollow dildo to get just the right vibe. If you have erection worries or want to go at it for a longer time, hollow dildos can be slipped over a real penis to create extension as well as an endless erection. If you want to try a hollow dildo, be sure you size the inner diameter for the intended use. You may want a wider hollow inner diameter if you are using your dildo for penis extension as opposed to the small and tight inner diameter needed to hold a bullet vibrator. 


Keep your Dildo Clean and Body Safe

You are almost ready to get started with your strap-on dildo. Besides a harness, all you need now is lubricant and condoms.



If you love sex toys including a good quality dildo, I recommend you have water-based lubricants on hand. For anal penetration you will need lots of lubricant. The anus does not create natural lubricant and without lube it can tear, causing pain and heightened risk for infection and STD transfer. Silicone lubes are great for anal sex because they are slippery but again be careful to only use a water based lube with silicone and rubber dildos. My favorite brands are Wicked, System Jo or Swiss Navy. All make water based lubes that work great for anal and other dildo play.



You should always use a condom with your dildo. If you are sharing your dildos and are not unwavering in sterilizing them, you should protect all users, including yourself, from infection by using a condom on your dildo. If you are going to use your dildo for anal sex another thing to buy are some well-fitted latex or non-latex gloves; the type used in doctor or dentist offices. Even if you are not sharing your dildo, a condom can protect against bacteria and related infections. Always clean your dildo with a toy cleaner and hot soapy water. For best results purchase a quality dildo and sterilize it with heat by boiling it or putting it in a dishwasher. Just be smart and clean your dildo as directed. Otherwise you may find that bacteria like your dildo almost as much as you do.


Let the Fun Begin

Now you are ready to buy the ideal dildo for your strap on harness. Remember, it’s easy.

1) Buy a dildo with a wide harness compatible base.

2) Decide on the size (length and width), feel (manufactured material) and function (hollow or solid, length for stimulation).

3) Buy some lube, condoms and gloves for comfort, safety and cleanliness.


Talk with your partner about how you want use your strap on dildo. At first start slow to make sure everyone is comfortable. If you are using your strap on for anal sex, start small, you can always go larger later. Strap on dildos are so sexy to see worn by yourself and your partner. They enable an intensely arousing sexual power exchange. So be open and share your desires and explore them. Dildos are where the strap on action is. You can get started with just one dildo or get crazy and get a variety of dildos to complement all your sexual fantasies. So strap it on and enjoy your sexual exploits.

Posted in Street Talk By Joulie Casey

Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe

March 22, 2015 2:47:00 PM MDT

The Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe is the smartest mini vibrator on the market. It is an App controlled vibrator that you can play by yourself, but the magic really comes when you play with your partner. The Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe is remote controlled vibrator that operates through an Apple IOS or Android app. Using the app you can control the vibrations of the Mini Vibe through a variety of pattern options; voice, patterns, manual, motion sensor, custom, games music player, and even kegel training. The variety of functions will provide you and your partner endless pleasure for many play sessions.

Here are a few examples of how the Mini Vibe will bring the “Ohhhhh” to your orgasms.

The Remote Voice Control works great whether your partner is across the room or across the world. No matter what the distance, your partners voice commands will drive the vibrations. With the voice control, users can remote control though Skype or other web video chat applications. With every word, every command, the message is delivered to your pleasure point through the smart mini vibe.

With the music player you can put on your favorite song or playlist and the smart mini vibe will move with the rhythm of the song, enhancing your pleasure and giving a whole new meaning to moving to the beat.

Imagine playing a video game with your lover and having the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe pleasure through the pace of the gaming. Whether you win or lose the game, you are sure to win a big orgasm.

These are just a few details of the great functions of the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe.  The Mini Vibe is also, green, safe, and water-proof. It meets EU and US environmental standards. The Mini Vibe is made of medicine-level silicone.  It is water-proof and easy to clean.  The Mini Vibe is compact has a powerful high-speed motor, and is USB rechargeable. The Mini Vibe lasts 3-4 hours on a 1-2 hour charge.

You can get the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe at in either purple or pink. Update your vibrator collection today and launch your toys into the 21st century. You and your play partner will find endless pleasure with the variety the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe will bring to your love life. 

Posted in Street Talk By Julie Casey

Let’s be honest here – ‘fetish’ is a pretty charged word. Most commonly, people think of certain types of odd sexual desires, and often define these attractions and hungers as being strange, weird, or abnormal. It’s about time that we cleared the air.

  • *A fetish, according to Merriam-Webster, is "a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement." Now, when we say it like that, it doesn’t sound so bad, does it? In fact, I think that we would all be pleasantly surprised at just how many of us actually have fetishes of our own. 


We here at Main Street Novelties like to break it down even further.

  • *Not only do we think that fetishes are both normal and exciting
  • *But we find that pursuing these wants and desires can be exactly the flare needed to spice up your sex life


Fetish toys are the sex boost for your relationship

Image Source: Deviantart


When you think about needs and desires, a whole host of things come to mind. It could simply be watching your partner strut around in her heels that gets you all hot and bothered. Perhaps it’s reading that one steamy scene in Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys that does it for you. What gets us ready can vary from person to person. Whether it is blindfolds, bondage, or simply an especially seductive piece of lingerie, we all have those little things that really push us over the edge.


Which is exactly why we have created our own section devoted to fetish, where we feature all of the toys and items that you need to rev up your engines. Whether it is something that helps satiate your own fetish, something you’ve always wanted to try with your partner, or simply a technique you’ve heard about, we have what you need.


Fifty Shades of Grey

If you’ve been enticed by the world of Christian Grey, you’ll be excited to check out our line of Fifty Shades of Grey products, featuring over fifty enticing items. If you’d like to catch up on your reading, we have written the masterpieces by E. L. James ready for your nightstand. Beyond the pages, you can choose items ranging from specially designed handcuffs to deliciously arousing fragrances. We also offer physical toys including ticklers, beads, and vibrating rings – everything you could want to jump into a fantasy of your own, all inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.


Fantasy Lingerie

Speaking of fantasy, you may want to browse through our Fetish Fantasy Lingerie. Explore our diverse range of lingerie for both men and women, where you can find the perfect pieces for you and your partner. In this section, you will find corsets, collars, garters, waist cinchers, chastity belts and harnesses, just to name a few.

Fetish sex toys - bondage and sexual positioning tools 

Toys, Toys, and more Toys

If you’re looking for sex toys, look no further than our section on dongs and dildos. Variety is the key here, and we have over 450 items that will help you reach the ultimate climax. Whatever model or style you prefer, we have an option for you. Try one of the hand blown glass twisted dildos, or if you prefer a softer texture, one of our rubber dongs. With features like suction cups and added vibration, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.


Switching things up

Sometimes it’s the activity, or position, rather than the item that really makes a difference. If you’re looking to change it up, you could be interested in one of our swings or slings. You can also take a look at our furniture and aid section, where you’ll find straps, swings, dancing poles, and even an inflatable love log.


Sex Machines

And last but most certainly not least is our section on sex machines. While these tend to cost slightly more than some of our other items, we can guarantee that they are worth every penny. There’s a glider penetration machine, and a remote control inflatable lounger. And for the mythically excitable, check out the Pandora’s box sex machine.


So remember – fetish is not about labeling some strange attraction, but rather about tapping into those unique and exciting needs and desires that we all have deep down inside of us. If you’re looking for that extra boost in the bedroom, you’ll want to peruse our fetish section. It could very well be beginning to the sexual revolution you’ve been yearning for. 


Try Main Street Novelties Fetish Sex Toys Tonight>>

Posted in Street Talk By Stefanie Daneau
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